Our Services

Let us shoulder the substantial effort typical of strategic professional talent search. As these individuals are the drivers behind the success of any company, proper selection in terms of professional and cultural fit are paramount. Yet, such searches require the fulltime, intelligent effort of a talented recruiting team.

While grounded in significant Oil & Gas industry expertise, Impact 20 Group abilities to secure professional talent is open to all industries, as our process is the key to your success. Our process is designed so that we search according to parameters set by your decision makers through intelligent collaboration, including market and target-company research.

If your need is immediate and ongoing, Impact 20 Group will allocate resources to focus exclusively on the search for your firm´s talent needs. In return for an up-front financial commitment, we provide a dedicated, ongoing, customized search action plan. Our deliverables include:

Dedicated search team members who directly conduct each assignment

  • Individual client consultant responsible for search execution
  • Proven search professionals who establish robust understanding of industry, discipline and culture for each assignment
  • A 24/7 dedication & availability to client service

Search completion and guarantee

  • We fill each searches to which we are committed. We work until our client’s find the executive / professional they need
  • Guarantee all placements for 6 months from start date

Professional fee proposal tied to search completion and scope of project

  • Multiple fee structures customized to client need’s and timing
  • Invoicing based on search milestones and scope of project

Our efforts do not end when talent is hired. We stand behind our clients to help retain talent you have hired from our partnership. Who better to help you understand how to keep talent than a specialized recruiter who knows all the reasons why talent leaves or stays with a company?